Sunday, October 11, 2009


This time I want to discuss a bit about the "problem". why there is a problem and what is the problem?

As human beings we can not be separated from the name problem. whether we've done well or Burk, the problem still exists. Many factors that can make a case that became a problem. Especially the factors with whom and what we are facing. Tired of it if we always think about why there is a problem, but that's life. Somehow also sometimes the same problems will appear and reappear in the minds or our lives. very disturbing, but again how do we deal with the problem, either forget or to busy myself with other things.

In my experience, do not ever run away from trouble, because sometimes that's exactly what will be adding to our problem. Indeed strange, but at the moment we have a problem, all our thoughts are usually focused on the problem, meaning we will never be able to think clearly. So whatever we do would not be able to work well, especially us to run away from trouble by doing things others. if indeed we should run away, do it with the activities positive. listening to music can be a positive activity that many people do to just ease the mind of a twisted problem.

Each person must have their opinions about what is the biggest problem in his life. But anyway the most difficult problems of our lives is a problem that will interfere with our lives our life. this example if we are disturbed by our past or our partner is not that serious a problem, because it would disturb us all our lives? I hope no one suffered because somehow we always want the best for our lives later.

Asked how to avoid problems? One of the most appropriate moment to me is to think clearly. Not think it is also a problem? that's a problem, but sometimes not a good problem to solve problems that are less good? Think clearly is one the best ways to avoid problems. Always thought mature, adult, not rashly and professional decision depends on each person, but I'm sure everyone can do it. And one should never underestimate the problem because the slightest problem that he's still a problem, and instead he would probably not be large and cause new problems.

Healthy and regular life, trying to stay away from anything that could be a problem if a big is a good first step for us all. Never be afraid to face the problem and solve it, because after all issues have welcomed us when we was born. If indeed we are people who do not like problems, avoid even though sometimes hard for us to get away. stay focused, think clearly and pray that somehow still have a problem resolution, depending on our own how to solve the problem.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Revolution in communications technology develop so fast, always had innovation to meet the demands of human needs, comfort, and entertainment. Technology as a result of the application can not be denied science has provided various impacts to human life. With various forms of technology and its products can alleviate human task, and necessitates ingkatkan to human welfare.
Stretch the distance between continents thanks to advances in technology can be shortened with the cellular communication channels wide. Even with the latest generation - 3G - inter-personal communication can also be seen between the communicant and face communicators.
For convenience and to serve the needs of consumers several different manufacturers produce different types of phones with the facilities provided in accordance with consumer demands. FM radio, digital camera, video, television has been applied in mobile devices. Technological advances that pamper customers.
It is no wonder now if the child until the parents were already fluent in the mobile phone, either from any application or technology contained in the mobile phone itself. As usual there are some advantages and disadvantages with the new technologies like this. Many are the cases indicated as abused mobile-sms sms terror and the more-crowded crowded is the use of cameras and technology in the mobile video recorder used for activities that did not really useful like porn scene recording.
Mobile development further equipped with various facilities to meet the demands of consumer needs, comfort, and fun fun. Various facilities ranging from mms, fm radio, internet, tv, mp3, videos, digital cameras is applied to the development of facilities in the mobile device.
During these various facilities that applied in mobile devices, is still used for limited entertainment leisure, and the like. The perception that later led to the negative stigma of mobile phones in the world of education. Mobile always connoted a negative impact on the lives of teenagers or students.
In the case of a small survey in a talk show that invites several circles of various professions, it is open pornographic images via mobile phone is also carried by her mother a housewife and a professional, in addition there are also revealed several students saw pornographic images is not because of his will, but sent his friend, because the facility that allows mobile phone to receive such shipments.
Mobile phone technology also has penetrated into all fields, even as a sort of basic needs in this modern era. People can directly relate to one another with a single button press. Parents are also relatively more secure at home because it can check for the presence of her children on a handphone.
Is supposed to be like other technologies can be used mobile as well as possible, such as using GPS technology contained in it or use the camera to capture moments memorable. Because after all mobile phones have all the tech needs of our outings such as cameras, camcorders or Walkman, because in his own mobile phone technologies such a well there and really help us. With one gadget functions are varied, even we can easily access the Internet via mobile phone, watch streaming and storing the data required.
Thanks to God who has given to human intelligence that can create new technologies that really help people in keeping track of time. Once again, that we should maintain and use that technology in their respective corridors so that the technology is useful and not be a disaster for all of us eventually.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Along with the development, human lifestyle began to change. From a modest beginning, until the full life style. From the beginning of life at sunset, to the life at night. We have also already started to prove that time is no longer a barrier for people to activity. Very interesting indeed to see world events and people in it. Even no wonder that many lifestyle that looks distorted, like free sex, drinking, or drugs had been as deeply ingrained in human beings at this age, including young people.
It looks hypocritical when I had to write about this topic but it should be written. It is sad to see young people have ruined his life just because of one association and one in dealing with his lifestyle. It is sad when virginity and virginity is considered false by most young people now, where in ancient times it is a basic point people to judge one's merits. Too early indeed if I have to assess that the younger generation now have been destroyed due to world events, but that we should be grateful that there is also the younger generation who really appreciate their body and mind and not a bit stuck with the wrong lifestyle. Is they-should we give them a little credit for their efforts which may be currently considered one eye due to trapped by the wrong lifestyle.
Parents are the basic points that can control their children as a whole. Friends and friends are unable to influence the eye seen in influencing young people today in the act. Environment also took part in an impact. Media and technology can be blamed in this case. But somehow influence came, back to how the teenager was in react.
Religion and attention is the foundation that really could be a savior of the young generation now. Many cases are blaming a lack of attention to teenagers who caused the wrong foot and destroyed in his youth. When a teenager needs more attention in its development, it should be that we should consider supporting elements that can make them comfortable among us as a society.
Supporting facilities and positive activities that can be used to channel the passion of their youth should we wake up, keep, and maintain for the sake of their youth. Not many teenagers often could not deliver their hobbies and strengths of each so that the channel it the wrong way to be a boomerang for ourselves as a society. Do not blame them when we finally feel disturbed by their behavior because somehow we can not entirely blame them, we too, must take the blame if they are eventually destroyed by the development of this era.
I really hope and pray that we as a society do not look at one eye on the development of the young generation now. They may not be our child, but whatever they do will be a big influence on us. They have however successors and the nation's future depends on their nation. Let us support our youth for the future of a better nation.


Internet, one of the technologies that can not be separated from the development in the present era. Humans of different age are not even familiar with this one technology. From rural to urban was really the internet is rampant for various purposes, such as the transmission of data, news, even to the event to get extra income. Short internet practically become necessities in this century.
Internet development started in 1940 and was only just connecting two points of inter-governmental institution with the campus alone. Then developed and the more computers are connected kejaringan and finally there are hundreds and even thousands of computers connected to the network, the network is called the Internet. In 2000 the Internet to reach its heyday, Along with the times to the modern technological era. almost everyone competing to have the domain names that do business on the internet, also increasing Internet users around the world.
The Internet has made a new revolution in the world of computer and communications world is not unprecedented. Some findings telegraph, telephone, radio, and computers is a series of scientific work that led to the creation of the Internet is more integrated and more capable than these tools. Internet have the ability to broadcast to the world, has a mechanism for information dissemination, and as a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals with the computer without being limited by geographical conditions.
Recently, the United States reached the point where computer sales higher than television (Powell, 1995). In addition, research has shown that the use of personal computers began mangambil television over the role (Lieberman, 1995). It seems we quickly move on to the concept of active users, multimedia, new communication environment that. One feature of the new media environment is the recognition that all information is the same-all digital (Powell).
The development of a very fast Internet eventually become the most important part in the economic field. Today e-commerce (commerce via the Internet) began to play an important role in our lives. A study conducted by the University of Texas in 1999 showed that e-commerce becomes a major force in our society. Total $ 350 billion allocated for the Internet economy in 1998 (Gloss, 1999). In just five years since the introduction of the Word Wide Web, Intenet economic level with the existing sector like energy ($ 223 billion), automobile (4350 billion) and telecommunications (4270 billion) (report Indicators, 1999).
Internet is also getting some criticism. Sven Birkets essayist argues that the change from print culture to electronic culture will lead to the impoverishment of language. He stated that the electronic communication leads to the use of "plain language" as in a telegram (Birkets, 1994). He predicted that we will see a reduction in the use of subtle forms of language such as ambiguity, contradiction, irony, and humor.
But whether the use of the Internet is able to provide a positive benefit, or even could have a negative impact on its users still have not been determined, as outlined above there are many positive benefits gained from the use of Internet media, but there are also some negative impacts that can be experienced by users of the Internet.
So, anyway back to us as users who use Internet important role, whether it will be good or bad influence on the internet that our lives each. I hope that whatever the technology, including the Internet can provide a better impact for life, in addition to adverse effects caused.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yoga, says this one may be familiar in people's ears Asia especially Indonesia. Because not too long ago are still fresh in our memory that occurs controversy about Yoga in Indonesia.
Yoga was developed over 5,000 years ago in India and it included spiritual beliefs, physical techniques, and scholarly philosophy. Yoga itself is known for a long time by the American public. Most of them run the Yoga aims to lose weight, eliminate stress, accelerate healing of injuries or even for just relaxation. Americans mainly practice Hatha Yoga, which focuses on postures and stretching the body.
Yoga, which is derived from the sacred Sanskrit language of India, meaning *union* or *to yoke or harness*. Yoga is a way or path to transcendence and liberation from the self and the ego by purifying the mind and body. Practicing yoga leads to a union with the mind and body or the individual and universal consciousness. In other words, yoga is the union with the Individual Self and the Universal Self. Yoga predates all other religions and has influenced and inspired many other traditions and philosophies. Yoga is better understood as a union of the physical, physiological, mental, emotional, and intellectual bodies, which leads to a purposeful and balanced life. Yoga is strenuous, but not painful, and it gives every inch of your body a terrific workout. Even yoga is believed to help you maintain flexibility, build strength and muscle. yoga can help improve strength, but there are also other bonuses. Yoga can help restore the body's stress, reduce back pain by strengthening the spine, increasing glands in the endocrine system, increase stamina, and many also have lagi.Yoga benefits for mental body. This helps increase personal awareness, eliminate the stress patterns in the muscles, helping to sharpen the focus, calm the mind. This also can improve self-discipline, which can be very helpful in our everyday lives.
Mental benefits of yoga comes from the synchronization of body and mind through focus. Many people use yoga to relieve stress, enhance relaxation, to get emotional balance, and improve concentration. Yoga also prevent anxiety attacks, blood pressure, and muscle stress while increasing self-esteem, level of happiness, and improve your immune system. You also can practice yoga right in your living room. Yoga DVDs, books, and home courses are available for those who do not have enough time or flexibility to make the drive across town to regular classes. There is no harm in trying it, right?


Technology, a very familiar word in this advanced age. One which we will try to discuss is about the GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS is a technology that allows people or users to know the position or location where he is or the location of a place that did not already know. An amazing technology that allows people to not get lost again, wherever they are. Even in the jungle even though technology allows people to get out safely, and know exactly where he is.
Today's GPS was widely used in vehicles especially in the direction of the pointer and navigation. Can be said that technological developments enable in-car GPS systems that are directly related to the satellite to make the driver can see parts of the world with a single touch of a finger. as in fiction films, that the vehicle was the one who tells us where we should go while we only charge our driving course.
GPS technology also makes us more confident in driving distance for GPS satellite capabilities that can control almost every corner in this world. Even a good GPS can show which route is more profitable, the closer or more secure, so avoid congestion. So you can arrive at their destination on time and without having to be late because of traffic.
GPS was in its development can now be used via mobile phone. This is a new technology but has a lot of companies that includes a cell phone GPS technology in their product and mobile operators are also developing their mobile technology with GPS technology inserts. So if you are a visitor in a city that had never been you visit, do not be afraid because the GPS can lead you and guide you as well as the tourist guides.
That is a price to pay for this technology is still relatively expensive, so there are still many people who can not enjoy this one technology. But it is worth we are grateful that with today's progress can be easier for us to get around to new places without fear again. So have you ever try this unbeliveable technology ?


We Cannot denying that English is a very influential factor in this globalization era especcialy in Indonesia. Because it appears more and more a place of education or language courses which implies that the English language is a major factor today. We also know at this free market to meet not only the English language are important, but also some foreign languages such as Mandarin or Japanese language plays an important part too. Thus the challenge of educators became more severe, since not all of their students fluent in foreign languages
Fortunately we've now had a lot of standing places that can support the education of language knowledge acquired in school. Majority of the protocol roads in cities in Indonesia have a lot of standing places foreign language education. So that students can take of course keep the course is only as a means to increase the knowledge of the language was taught in school before, but still depends on the people who follow the course itself. Advantage of places where these courses in accordance with their respective needs.
We can not be denied also that the price to be paid in any study apply for places in this course.any price variations ranging from the lowest to the highest depending on the place of education itself, almost equal to the amount of fees depends on the school where he studied.
We and the parents were of course hoping that what has been sacrificed, whether it is money schools and money for payment of courses that can make their children more intelligent and able to compete later on in the world of work. It would be nice if the younger generation now prefers science rather than just play and have fun without the direction which ultimately plunges himself. If you must, choose the places of quality courses and bona fide, see also the prices offered, how about teachers and an atmosphere where the course itself. So that later can support the learning atmosphere of the students themselves. Ask for opinions from friends, teachers or can see the brochures that many currently available so that later we are not wrong in choosing a good course and for our own benefit.
Safe learning and may be a useful eventually homeland.