Monday, September 28, 2009


Revolution in communications technology develop so fast, always had innovation to meet the demands of human needs, comfort, and entertainment. Technology as a result of the application can not be denied science has provided various impacts to human life. With various forms of technology and its products can alleviate human task, and necessitates ingkatkan to human welfare.
Stretch the distance between continents thanks to advances in technology can be shortened with the cellular communication channels wide. Even with the latest generation - 3G - inter-personal communication can also be seen between the communicant and face communicators.
For convenience and to serve the needs of consumers several different manufacturers produce different types of phones with the facilities provided in accordance with consumer demands. FM radio, digital camera, video, television has been applied in mobile devices. Technological advances that pamper customers.
It is no wonder now if the child until the parents were already fluent in the mobile phone, either from any application or technology contained in the mobile phone itself. As usual there are some advantages and disadvantages with the new technologies like this. Many are the cases indicated as abused mobile-sms sms terror and the more-crowded crowded is the use of cameras and technology in the mobile video recorder used for activities that did not really useful like porn scene recording.
Mobile development further equipped with various facilities to meet the demands of consumer needs, comfort, and fun fun. Various facilities ranging from mms, fm radio, internet, tv, mp3, videos, digital cameras is applied to the development of facilities in the mobile device.
During these various facilities that applied in mobile devices, is still used for limited entertainment leisure, and the like. The perception that later led to the negative stigma of mobile phones in the world of education. Mobile always connoted a negative impact on the lives of teenagers or students.
In the case of a small survey in a talk show that invites several circles of various professions, it is open pornographic images via mobile phone is also carried by her mother a housewife and a professional, in addition there are also revealed several students saw pornographic images is not because of his will, but sent his friend, because the facility that allows mobile phone to receive such shipments.
Mobile phone technology also has penetrated into all fields, even as a sort of basic needs in this modern era. People can directly relate to one another with a single button press. Parents are also relatively more secure at home because it can check for the presence of her children on a handphone.
Is supposed to be like other technologies can be used mobile as well as possible, such as using GPS technology contained in it or use the camera to capture moments memorable. Because after all mobile phones have all the tech needs of our outings such as cameras, camcorders or Walkman, because in his own mobile phone technologies such a well there and really help us. With one gadget functions are varied, even we can easily access the Internet via mobile phone, watch streaming and storing the data required.
Thanks to God who has given to human intelligence that can create new technologies that really help people in keeping track of time. Once again, that we should maintain and use that technology in their respective corridors so that the technology is useful and not be a disaster for all of us eventually.

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